The Director


Kaneez Fathima
BSc. Psychology / Diploma in Pre Primary Montessori Education / Diploma in Primary Montessori Education / Certificate Course in Inclusive Education

The director of the academy has been actively involved in the education field for more than a decade. After completing her bachelor's degree in psychology she, because of her love for children took up a Montessori course and then landed her first job of teaching pre school children. While teaching she kept on upgrading herself by joining diploma courses for training pre primary, primary teacher training. Her career too kept growing and she became a academic manager of chain of preschool where she was responsible for curriculum development, teacher's training, setting teaching methodology processes and conducting regular audits. She also developed a set of student's work books for the pre-school. Right now she is visiting consultant involved with setting up of a pre school, training teachers and organising workshops for parents. She always nurtured a dream of giving back something to the education field which has given her so much knowledge and experience; her dreams have been transformed into reality by the birth of Crescere™ Montessori Teacher Training Academy.

CRESCERE Montessori Teacher Training Academy


Here at CRESCERE™, we believe in following the true principles of Maria Montessori, nurturing every individual to its potential. Everyone has creativity in them. Some know about it, and some don't. Here at CRESCERE™, we help them bring out their creative best.

In the one year course that we conduct, we provide hands on experience to the student-teachers by scheduling apprenticeship at the end of the course. Here, every important details is touched upon, from something as simple as washing hands to more complex such as washing clothes, food preparation, stitching, etc.

Crescere Montessori Pre-School

Crescere Montessori Pre-school caters to allowing children to learn on this own while being guided by the teacher.

Crescere Montessori truly follows the principles and methodologies of Maria Montessori.

Crescere Montessori Pre-school culture is devoted to helping each child grow towards independence by building confidence, competence, self esteem and respect for others and also the environment they live in.